Quality pre-owned and refurbished clinical, medical equipment

Medical Equipment Beds

Medical Equipment

Requip Medical provides technology solutions and processes that help maximize your capital equipment dollars by helping you locate and purchase high quality, pre-owned medical equipment.

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When multi-site healthcare organizations need to maximize the value of excess equipment inventory, Requip Medical offers a service that facilitates the transfer of items to locations where they are needed. Items that are not transferred are then listed with Requip Medical.

Requip Medical also provides inventory appraisal and facility liquidation services which documents, markets and sells assets. Requip Medical can save capital budget dollars and time by helping you sell your pre-owned equipment. It’s an easy way to turn your excess inventory into cash.

Equipment that cannot be sold may be donated to charity through our relationship with humanitarian aid organizations.

Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

  • Source pre-owned equipment easily and efficiently at no fee
  • Increase access to qualified equipment sources
  • Reduce your equipment inventory easily and efficiently
  • Maximize the value of excess assets
  • Save on travel time and reduce your costs

Relationships with Manufacturers and Distributors

We have created an on-line healthcare community that includes and welcomes the broker and dealer network. Requip Medical has relationships with hospital groups throughout the healthcare industry. Requip Medical delivers a single point of buying and selling the products, services and equipment needed by healthcare providers.