Product lines include pre-owned and refurbished clinical medical equipment and replacement laser fibers and laser safety equipment

Medical Equipment Beds

Medical Equipment Categories and Specialties

Requip Medical purchases and resells a wide variety of medical equipment categories for many different medical specialties. From Anesthesiology to Veterinary, Defibrillators to X Ray machines, we handle all equipment for resell.

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Single Use and Reusable Medical Laser Fibers

Requip Medical offers a complete line of high-qualitysurgical laser fibers for replacement and restoration of Candela and Cynosure Laser systems.

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Laser Safety Glasses, Goggles, and Protective Eyewear

Laser Safety Glasses and Goggles for use in Medical, Military, Research and Education, and Industrial laser applications. We provide you with a complete line of laser protection for all Lasers, giving you high quality protection products for eyes and skin.

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Laser Plume and Smoke Evacuation Equipment

We offer smoke and plume evacuation systems, replacement filters, and accessories that provide health care professionals maximum protection against potentially hazardous surgical smoke plume.

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